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Autotopia, we are still recording and mixing. has just gone up. Mary Wright and I have been collaborating on an Orchestral piece that should be recorded and performed in August of 2009, in Portland. I received a grant from RACC for this.

What I've been listening to lately:

1. Gather in the Mushrooms - various artists - a fantastic collection of late 60's/early 70's British Acid and Underground folk.
2. Vous et Nous - Brigitte Fontaine and Areski Belkacem 1977 - bleeping synthesizers, electronic drums, North African, Eastern European folk instruments. Funny and difficult.
3.Clandestino - Manu Chao - Funny and political, melodic and confrontational. Galaga samples! Will I ever get tired of this album?
4. Joni Mitchell - really listening to her alternate guitar tunings and finger-picking. It's really smart especially 'Urge for Going' from before her first album, I think. Here's a great video of her on the Johnny Cash show


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I just made a radio show on Country music for German Radio, called Country Music 1927 - 1980: Songs of Despair, Suicide, Murder, and Love More here

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Saturday, April 5 LACE aka Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions. This is a benefit for Cakewalk Magazine.

What I've been listening to lately

1. Willem Breuker a dutch saxophonist, clarinetist, composer and bandleader. A mix of Kurt Weill, Kid Ory and Bela Bartok. Very hard to find.
2. Bauhaus This is such a great band with a very misunderstood fan-base. The song "Boys" makes me particularly happy.
3. Louis Armstrong my vote for the best musician of the 20th century.
4. Willie Nelson - in the seventies, Willie really expanded country music. 1975's "Red-Headed Stranger" and 1974's "Phases and Stages" are both amazing concept albums that seamlessly mix covers and originals. Really great stuff.





I am co-curating an art show with Giovanni Garcia-Fenech called: Are 'Friends' Electric? The Art of the online Personal Ad.

The Launch party will be on Friday July 26, 2002, at my house in LA and Giovanni's house in NY.

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No shows scheduled.

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Benefit for Bauble: A Dead Dog

What I've been listening to lately

1. Paul Whiteman
2. Percy Faith
3. Louis Armstrong
4. Danielson Famile
5. The Sparks first two albums
6. Chicks On Speed
7. The Golden Arm Trio
8. Paul McCartney II
9. ELO
10. 10cc